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There are many different avenues that Biblical Language Coaching desires to serve our donors, members, and overall site viewers in, such as: Producing Monthly Newsletters, Recording and Producing Quality Videos, Offering Private and Public Live Webinars, Offering Podcast episodes, etc. Currently, we have only two people that are making this business function. The founder and his wife. While the founder will be seeking to team up with future qualified and trustworthy classical Neuro-language Coaches® (by Efficient Language Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation) - they have the privilege of being the first, not only to pioneer the neuro-language coaching service to the public having the specific focus on classical languages having to do with the Biblical texts, but also the first to be part of the E.L.C. Neurolanguage Coaching® Network. If you would like to be a part of this pioneering service to make this knowledge available to others through this website, you can donate here. All donations will go toward helping to support the website, current (and future) services, and the ongoing academic updates of brain-based neuro-language. Thank you for your time and consideration.