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Classical Syriac (Estrangela Script)

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Classical Syriac (Estrangela Script)

Anthony Cummings

What is Classical Syriac?

Classical Syriac was the Aramaic dialect from Edessa, which was a city in Upper Mesopotamia (now known as Urfa in southwest Turkey). It's not the same language as what is spoken in modern day Syria (Arabic). Syriac is a member of the Northwest Semitic family.

Why learn Classical Syriac?

You will be able to read, and translate, some very important early manuscripts, such as:

  • The Diatesseron
  • Old Syriac Text: Curetonian MSS, Syriac Sinaitic MSS, etc.
  • Old Testament and New Testament Peshitta (Estrangela Script with Western vowel pointing)

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